Thursday, March 24, 2011

Web Voips!

I'm trying to decide on the best internet VOIP program, and am comparing those that I use the most often.


 My classic VOIP, it is very reliable, and priced similarly to Teamspeak for a server (Both are free to download). However the sound quality is nowhere near as good as TS, and hasnt been updated in many moons.


Recently updated to "3", this new VOIP brings forward tons of new features, and improved quality. The new security features are also worth looking at, and I appreciate the greater number of ranks possible for registered users.


 I have very little experience with this very popular program, as I have only ever used it for video chat, and watching friends scream like girls to Amnesia: The Dark Descent. But from what I have seen, it features decent quality, with simple interface. My only complaint is the constant nagging to purchase their extra calling features.

All in all, for simplicty, I recommend Ventrilo, but for quality and features, I would go for Teamspeak.
Speak on people!


  1. i use all of them ;)
    but skype is the best!

  2. I keep getting asked if I'm on Skype... I'll have to figure it out at some point.

    ~Showing my fellow bloggers some support.

  3. I only knew Skype, will try to check the others.