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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


In the market for guitar pedals, and am currently looking for a Compression, and a distortion.
My current choices are MXR Dyna Comp

And for distortion an Ibanez Tube Screamer

Thoughts or suggestions?


  1. Interesting question. I myself have no idea of what you speak.

  2. not sure what is it for tho..
    $upported nyway! :D

  3. my friend has the second one. he likes it

  4. They look like robots in disguise, be careful bro.

  5. I have the Ibanez tube screamer. Out of the box its a decent pedal, but I find that it lacks low end thump and power. It really depends on the amp you are running also, it sounds like complete shit on a vintage fender twin reverb, and sounds decent on a fender hot rod deluxe.

    If you do buy it, google the mods for that pedal. There are even some youtube videos that show you step by step how to mod it after buying the kit.

    If you want clean yet heavy nasty distortion, look into the Blackstar Distx. Its 200 bucks, but it has its own built in tube. This sounds killer with humbuckers, not single coils. Dont buy it if you have a solid state amp though....

    Otherwise, an OCD fulltone is a great alternative compared to the Ibanez.

  6. i like the screamer for distortion, don't know about the other one.